Saturday, January 4, 2014

"More Than Twice a Year"

"More Than Twice a Year" original by Morgan Mims. 1/4/13

As New year has come and gone, I can't help but think of how often we place Jesus back in the attic alongside our holiday "belongings". At Easter time we set aside one morning for candy, eggs, and a service of worship. When the weekend is over, up goes our decorations to the attic, and out goes our constant thoughts of Jesus rising from the dead. At Christmas, we go "all out" so to speak. We decorate the day after Thanksgiving, and we anticipate "Christmas" for months. We surround ourselves with decorations and lights, sweet treats, and manger scenes. However, when we are not careful, we completely loose sight of WHY we are celebrating, and WHO came, so that we may have a reason to celebrate. The name "Jesus" comes into our homes twice a year, and then goes back into the attic when it's time to clean up again... When it's time to go back to our self pleasing lives. 

Why do we only speak of Christ's birth to our friends and family's at Christmas? Why do we only talk about the power of Him rising from the grave at Easter? If He is truly our Savior, why do we only make Him LORD on the "Christian" holidays? We are commanded to daily take up our cross (Luke 9:23), so why do continue to "put Him away" with all our other holiday festivities? 

To those who proclaim to be a Christian. To those who defend the name of the cross... People are watching. They are watching to see if your life is filled with the Hope and the Joy all year round that you proclaim to have when you celebrate (the holidays). They are watching to see if you live the way you speak, and if your life aligns with GODS WORD. 

For those who daily live out Gods plan, and not just at the holidays, thank you. People are watching, and I promise they notice. 

For those who know that Jesus got placed in the attic 4 days ago: do you have a reason to pull Him back out? 

Do you know Jesus and know peace? Or is your home a home with no Jesus and no peace? 

Regardless of whether you have trusted in Christ or not, He cannot bless you and your family when you put Him in a box. He wants all or nothing. He wants to take you to deeper waters and equip you to have an abundant life. He wants to mold you into His perfect image, but you have to surrender your own wants and desires for Him to make you brand new. 

So, I ask you again. In your home: Did Jesus get put away with all the Christmas decorations last week? Has He been Lord of your life all year, continuing to reign at the start of 2014? Or have you ever truly surrendered your heart to Him at all?

May you know how wide and how long and how high and how deep Gods love is for you today and forevermore. 

(Ephesians 3:16-21)

Love, Morgan

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